Process Goals or Outcome Goals?

Most of us set Outcome Goals, like "Make 10 sales."

But many of us fall short, get frustrated and quit.


Because Outcome Goals by themselves don't help you succeed.

The solution? Try setting Process Goals that virtually guarantee success.

You'll find that you reach your Outcome Goals nearly all of the time.

The secret? Stack the numbers in your favor.

Example: If you set an Outcome Goal of "Make 10 sales by February 28," you may hit that goal. Or you may not.

But if you know your numbers, and you know it takes conversations with 20 prospects to make 1 sale, you can set a Process Goal like this: "Make 10 prospecting calls a day by February 28."

There are 20 working days in February. Multiply 10 calls a day by 20 days and you make 200 calls -- and 10 sales.

That's the power of Process Goals.

When you achieve them, the outcomes take care of themselves.

Good news: We're ONLY four days into the month of February!

What are you waiting for?

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Kevin Donlin

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