10X Growth: Fact or Fiction?

10x GrowthI was in Toronto this week for a quarterly meeting at Strategic Coach.

If you don't know, Strategic Coach, founded by Dan Sullivan, is the very best way to grow your business. Full stop.

It is NOT cheap and there is an income requirement ...

... but if you want to surround yourself with smart people and rich ideas every 90 days, then watch your business take off, there's no better place on earth for you than Strategic Coach.


A big part of what we learn and do in Coach is based on the concept of 10X growth. You've probably seen it bandied about the Internet by gooroos who have no real experience with it.

But I've learned 10X from the guy who actually systematized the concept, Dan Sullivan.

And I've lived it multiple times in my business since 1998.

Briefly, the concept of 10X Growth as it applies to marketing is this: It's easier to grow your revenue by 10 times using technology and teamwork ... than it is to double it by working harder.

As entrepreneurs, we're always tempted to do the latter. Hey, what's another late night at my desk or missed meal with my family?

But as smart entrepreneurs, it's better and actually less work to get 10X growth.

However, you must CHANGE your work, so that you're doing the RIGHT work. Because doing more of what you've done will just get you more of what you've got.

Best part: You've already achieved 10X growth before! Just look at your sales for 2016. Now go back in time until you find a number 1/10 the size. See? You're 10X bigger.

Then, mentally go back in time to when your income was 1/10 its current level. Could you have predicted exactly what you would be doing and selling now? Not likely. But you're here anyway.

Moral: You can't predict a better future, but you can prepare for it.

And one way is to get excited by the fact that you already have the capability to grow 10X. You simply need the right mindset and marketing tools.

You can get both here (click below to watch) ...
Marketing Multipliers Video capture

Kevin Donlin

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