You Don’t Need to Have Great Ideas if You Hear Great Ideas

One of the books I'm reading this week is "The Advertising Solution," co-written by my colleague, Craig Simpson.

You should get it. Yesterday. It's that good.

It's a combination history lesson and user manual for effective advertising. I wish it had been written in 1994, when I started in marketing.

The 6 titans in the book -- Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, and Eugene Schwartz -- are a Marketing Mt. Rushmore who make the rest of us seem puny by comparison.

(Pro tip: I'm booked until January 2017, but if you're hiring a copywriter or marketing advisor, ask him/her how many books they own by the 6 legends I just mentioned. If the answer is none or few ... run away.)

Anyway, the book is a goldmine of ideas to build your business.

Example: Eugene Schwartz, the copywriting legend almost nobody knows, said and wrote a boatload of profound things over his career. One of my favorites is this: "You don't need to have great ideas if you hear great ideas."

As Craig writes on page 37 of The Advertising Solution, "Listening to the client is essential, or else the writer relies too much on his creativity, which Schwartz thought was the kiss of death when it came to writing copy that worked."

Among the many huge hits Schwartz wrote was the sales letter that launched Boardroom Publications.

He interviewed Mary Edelston, the founder, and simply took notes for 4 hours straight. The resulting sales letter was 70% Edlelston's own words. And the headline was based on a single remark Edelston made that caught Schwartz' attention:

"Now! Read 300 Business Magazines in 30 Minutes!"

That headline launched a $100-million dollar business and Schwartz didn't even create it. He heard it, then wrote it down.

Something to think about.

Better yet, do it.

I do.

On every copywriting project, I call the client by phone, record our interview, and have it transcribed by As a result, I pull out skads of great ideas ... which are really my client's ideas ... and they think I'm some kind of genius.

Like my client Ryan.

I wrote a 12-page sales letter for him that was 70-80% his own words. Here's the headline, a mashup of several things he said over the phone:

"Discover How to Set Yourself Free From Rental Property Headaches And Get The Money You Deserve"

Ryan is now a millionaire beach bum ...

... largely because I took the time to hear his great ideas. And write them down.

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Kevin Donlin

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