New Marketing Ideas From Old Ideas

Looking for new marketing ideas?

Here's how to find them ...

Let's start with strategic consulting. It's a relatively new idea.

It's only been around since 1963, when the Boston Consulting Group first opened their doors. But is it really a new idea?

If you look deeper, you see that strategic consulting is just a new combination of two old ideas: marketing and finance.

Yet, it's an extremely VALUABLE new/old idea, especially for BCG. Their revenues have exploded, from $11 million in 1963 to over $21 billion by 2014 -- an increase of 2,008-fold. Mind boggling.

So, yeah, new combinations of old ideas are a good thing. And they are all around you.

Specicially, if you're seeking new marketing ideas, you may find them outside. Outside your office -- and outside your industry.

Let me explain the process, with two examples from my visit last weekend to the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

The first is an innovative chair design, inspired by ... a bicycle.

new marketing idea exercise: chair from a bicycle
The placard below says, in part: "This armchair helped change the course of the furniture industry in the early 1900s. Marcel Lajos Breuer used tubular steel and canvas in the design, instead of wood and other conventional materials. Breuer was reportedly inspired by the lightness of his bicycle frame, made of strong tubular steel, and wanted to use the material in his furniture design."

Here's another new chair inspired by ... ants.

new marketing idea exercise: chair from ants
The placard says: "Arne Jacobsen's Ant Chair is an insect-inspired take on molded plywood furniture. This one-piece plywood form is bent below its 'waist' (or, in insect terms, between thorax and abdomen), allowing for flexibility and better comfort ...."

See the pattern? If you seek new marketing ideas, look outside your industry for inspiration. If chairs can be designed based on bicycles and ants ...

... the possibilities for improving your marketing are unlimited.

Case in point: The Ideal Client Card.

It's a new marketing idea based on two old ideas, the customer avatar and the report card. I created it after reading the book, Smarter, Faster, Better, by Charles Duhigg.

He tells the story of a failing elementary school that used 3x5 cards to skyrocket performance. With no extra money. And no new technology.

As Duhigg writes on page 243: "Rather than simply receiving information, teachers were forced to engage with it. By scribbling out statistics and testing preconceptions, teachers had figured out how to use all the information they were receiving. [It] had made data more cumbersome to absorb -- but more useful. And from those index cards and hand-drawn graphs, better classrooms emerged."

By handling the 3x5 cards, teachers gained a deeper level of understanding of each student. According to one teacher, “It forced me to look at them one by one and ask myself, what does this kid need?”

Results? Within 8 months, the number of students meeting state guidelines increased by 300%.

That got me thinking: If a school can increase test scores using 3x5 cards to track student data, why can’t I increase revenue using 3x5 cards to track client data?

Thus, the Ideal Client Card was born.

Since starting this marketing experiment last year, I have:

* Received DOUBLE my monthly retainer from "MT." Enough *extra* revenue to pay my office rent for the next 6 months

* Got a new referral from "JB." The guy he sent me is 90% certain to buy when I call him this Friday

* Got a referral and the promise of a new project from "AC," another client I pay attention to, thanks to his Ideal Client Card

* And lots more. Members of my Marketing Multipliers Club love it.

Now. Is all this new revenue due solely to the Ideal Client Card? No, of course not.

But am I going to stop this experiment? Hell no.

I touch and review my Ideal Client Cards every single day. And I suggest you do likewise.

Bad news: You can't buy The Ideal Client Card. It's not for sale.

Good news: You can get it free.


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Kevin Donlin

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