Need a New Perspective? Do This

If you need new ways of looking at your work, here's an idea. To change your perspective, change your location.

Here's what I mean: One definition of perspective is "a point of view."

If you do all your work at the same desk, every day, guess what? You will, by definition, have the same perspective. Because you're always seeing things from the same place -- the same point of view.

Do this: Change your perspective by changing where you work.

Examples: Work at a conference room table, the library, a coffee shop, the park, a beach, etc.

Prediction: You will get new perspectives and new insights. Because by changing the inputs -- your point of view -- you will change the outputs -- your ideas.

In fact, I got this idea in the shower and wrote it on a pad of waterproof paper 🙂

And reader Brian Hahn writes: "I worked from a coffee shop last week for a few hours and had a breakthrough on a project I had been struggling with for the 3 days before that. This works."

Action Step: Try working in a new location for just an hour today and comment below with your results!

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