How Butt Crack Can Build Your Business

Trigger Warning: This post contains butt crack.

Now here's the story ...

I live in Minnesota, home of the Duluth Trading Company.

They use butt crack to rake in millions of dollars in sales.


Take a look at this screen cap from their TV commercial ...

buttcrackWhat are they selling?

T-shirts. You can buy them anywhere. They're a commodity.

But when you bill your t-shirts as a way to fix "plumber's butt," and deliver them in a bucket marked, "Crack Spackle" ...

... well, that t-shirt is no longer a commodity.

It's an experience.

And people will pay good money for an experience. Just ask Disney, Ritz-Carlton, or Starbucks.

You can do this, too, and turn your commodity product or service into an experience. No million-dollar ad budget or world-changing patents needed.

Just ask yourself two questions:

1. How can you design your product or service differently?

Can you make it funny? Serious? Beautiful? Ugly? Bigger? Smaller? More expensive? Less expensive?

2. How can you deliver your product or service differently?

Can you send it in a bucket? Box? Tube? By FedEx? In person? By phone?

Great design and delivery are perfect examples of Marketing Multipliers -- small actions that can deliver big profits.

They are simple.

They cost little or nothing.

You can implement them today.

And you can try them free. Because I'll ship a box of 11 Marketing Multipliers to your door at no cost, if you live in the U.S.

Plus, if you take action today, I'll throw in a 12th tool as a gift to you.

I call it The Visual USP Maker.

It delivers dramatic proof, at a glance, that your service or product is NOT a commodity.

Prospects will see you as different. And superior.

I built it for a client who paid me $78,000. But you get it at no charge, as part of your Marketing Multipliers membership.

Zero. Zip. NO extra charge.

All you have to do is try Marketing Multipliers for free this week.

It's easy:

1) Click below to try Marketing Multipliers now:

Marketing Multipliers Video capture

2) Reply to your email receipt and ask for The Visual USP Maker.

Kevin Donlin

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