How Do I Get New Clients?

How do you get new clients?How do you get new clients for your business?

To find out ... you simply have to look at what's working now.

Start by asking this question, which I ask myself at the end of every quarter: "How did I get new clients in the past 90 days?"

The answers are always -- ALWAYS -- surprising. Because it's too easy to assume. You have to look carefully. Which takes time, effort, and thinking.

But the results are worth it. Because when you REALLY know where your clients are coming from, you can take steps to get more like them.

To illustrate, here's how I got my 3 biggest sales of the last quarter:

Project #1: Repeat project, referred by Mr. X.

Project #2: Repeat project, referred by Mr. X.

Project #3: First project, referred by Mr. Y.

See a pattern there? Referrals.

Now. What am I doing to get more referrals?

1. I already sent a thank-gift to Mr. X for Project #1. I will send another this week for Project #2.

2. I will send a thank-you gift to Mr. Y for Project #3 this week.


1. Answer this question: How did you get your last 3 big sales?

2. Duplicate that marketing process and/or reward the behavior that led to those big 3 projects.

When you do 1. and 2. above, your marketing automatically becomes more profitable and predictable. Because you'll have the answer to this question -- How do I get new clients? -- every time.

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