Marketing: The Best Investment on Earth?

My favorite definition of marketing is “making selling unnecessary.”

But it’s a bigger idea than that ...

... because marketing is actually the best investment on earth.

Marketing is an investment because, done correctly, it’s a moneymaking asset that repays you many times over -- just like any good stock or real estate property.

And marketing is the best investment because your returns can be enormous and they are largely under your control.


1) The $770,000 my client pulled from a direct mail campaign I created, which cost less than $40,000 invested -- an ROI of more than 1,700%

2) The $10,800 one of my readers pulled in from a $1 thank-you note -- an ROI of 1,007,000%

3) The $2.1 million I pulled out of Google AdWords over 4 years by reinvesting the returns I got from a single ad that earned just $2 -- a mind-boggling ROI of 105,000,000%

You simply can NOT get returns like that from any stock or property that I know of.

Action Step: Identify one area of your marketing where you can get back at least $3 for every $1 you invest. Is it in reactivating old clients? Mailing a new offer to cold leads? Adding an upsell to your current offerings?

Whatever you decide, stop thinking of marketing as an expense. It's an investment -- the best one on earth.

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Kevin Donlin

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