How to Multiply Your Profits, Predictably and Affordably

Did you know?

You might be sitting on a $100-million marketing message.

To reap those windfall profits, all you need are a few tweaks and a wider audience.

Example: Eugene Schwartz was one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

Among his many amazing feats was the sales letter he wrote that launched Boardroom Publications. He interviewed Marty Edelston, the founder, and simply listened to his ideas for 4 hours straight.

Then he went home and wrote the sales letter that same night. About 70% of the words were Edlelston's. And the headline was based on a single remark Edelston made that caught Schwartz' attention:

"How to Get the Heart of 370 Business Magazines in Just 30 Minutes a Month."

The marketing message was already there, in Edelston's head. It simply needed tweaking.

And the wider audience for that message was reached by direct mail.

The result?

It helped launch a $100-million dollar business.

I did something similar for one of my clients, Ryan.

Ryan owned a real estate investment business with a good marketing message. Not great, but good enough to earn him and his business partner a comfortable living.

Until his partner quit, leaving Ryan to do all the sales, by phone and in person. Which Ryan hated.

So Ryan came to me.

I wrote a 12-page sales letter for him that was 60-70% his own words. I simply tweaked the message. Here's the headline, a combination of several things he said to me in our interview:

"Discover How to Set Yourself Free
From Rental Property Headaches
And Get The Money You Deserve."

After writing the sales letter, I helped him reach a wider audience by direct mail.

The result?

More than $740,000 in high-profit revenue, all within a few months. His return on investment (ROI) from my service: $174.90 back for every $1 invested.

Ryan was very, very happy.


What's the moral of these two stories?

There are almost certainly great marketing ideas trapped in your business right now, like water in a cactus. But you have to look for them. Once you find them, you can polish them, reach a wider audience, and reap windfall profits.

You can do it. Or I can do it for you.

If you have a marketing message that's working, I'll tweak it and make it better. Then distribute it to a wider audience.

The result is, your sales explode -- predictably and affordably.

To see what's possible for you, request your no-cost Marketing Skull Session today.

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What's the catch?

You MUST qualify. You must own a business doing $500,000 to $10 million in revenue. You must have a website. And you must sell to consumers -- B2C.

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