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You may have heard the old adage that people buy with emotions, then justify with logic.

It’s true, of course.

As many as 95% of our buying decisions are made unconsciously, according to Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman.

But you don’t need a Harvard degree to understand that. Just think of any divorced man you know. What was the first car he bought after signing the divorce papers? A convertible, a fast sports car … or a Prius?

Duh. Divorced men buy babe-magnet cars. Because divorced men are people. And people buy with emotions.

According to Psychology Today, “Advertising research reveals that the consumer’s emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on their reported intent to buy a product than does the ad’s content — by a factor of 3-to-1 for television commercials and 2-to-1 for print ads,” (article: “How Emotions Influence What We Buy,” Feb 26, 2013.)

Get that? You can increase your response 200% in a TV/video ad and 100% in a print ad simply by targeting the right emotions in the minds of your prospects.

Today's Marketing Multiplier tool, The Logic BypassTM, will help you do that.

But first, why do so many entrepreneurs default to selling based on cold, hard logic?

Because it’s easier to simply list the features and benefits of your products or services than it is to research and appeal to the emotions that really make people buy. So we avoid doing it. We create ordinary promotions. And we get ordinary results.

Yet, my biggest wins as a copywriter have come only after I did the hard work of finding and pushing emotional hot buttons with my sales letters, print ads, emails, etc.

And since I’m such a big believer in using checklists to remove uncertainty and deliver a repeatable result, I’m going to share with you a shortlist of emotions you can appeal to if you want to ethically bypass logic in the minds of your prospects. Here then is …

A Shortlist Of 9 Emotions That Bypass Logic

Let’s start with the 7 deadly sins:

1.    Pride (You deserve it!)
2.    Greed (Free!)
3.    Lust (Beach body!)
4.    Envy (New and improved!)
5.    Gluttony (Delicious!)
6.    Wrath (Fight back!)
7.    Sloth (It’s easy!)

Then, let's add two more emotions to target that have been reliable for me:

8.    Guilt (Dad, why can’t we afford it?)
9.    Fear (What if it’s cancer?)

To illustrate, take a look at these winning examples from my client files, with targeted emotions explained for each …

People Buy With Emotions - weight loss advertorial

People Buy With Emotions - real estate sales letter

People Buy With Emotions - pet store sales letter

Here’s How It Works

No matter what you sell or to whom you sell it, there’s an emotional angle to your product or service that can bypass logic and take you straight to the wallet. You need only run down the shortlist of 9 emotions below, which have proven to work for myself and others:

1.    Pride
2.    Greed
3.    Lust
4.    Envy
5.    Gluttony
6.    Wrath
7.    Sloth
8.    Guilt
9.    Fear

Let me illustrate how people buy with emotions ...

Let’s say you sell life insurance. The logical sales angle might be, “Get a quote on life insurance today!” That’s … unappealing. Yet it’s something I see all the time. But running down the list of 9 emotions, I found 4 hits in 10 minutes of searching online, any one of which offers you more opportunities to bypass cold logic:

1.    Pride: “Don’t do things by halves”
2.    Greed: “$1 Buys $100,000 Life Insurance. No Medical Exam”
3.    Guilt: “If you died today, who would take care of your family?”
4.    Fear: “Odds of dying by an asteroid impact: 1 in 7000,000. Odds of dying: 1 in 1”

Let’s try another example: tax preparation. What could be more logical than that? It’s all numbers. But our list of 9 emotions returns 4 hits in 5 minutes of searching online. Any one of these angles is worth exploring:

1.    Greed: “We’ll make sure you get your full refund”
2.    Wrath: “The IRS has had you long enough!”
3.    Sloth: “We’ll take the stress out of your paperwork mess”
4.    Fear: “Noting scares a New Yorker. Except tax season”

Bottom line: People buy with emotions. Not logic or facts.

When you go around logic and target emotions, you’re no longer limited by the features and benefits of what you sell. You can aim at the infinite range of emotions roiling in the hearts and minds of our prospects.

Compared to what your competition is doing, this is like surfacing a U-boat in the middle of a convoy. There is no real defense for what you’re about to do.

The Logic BypassTM makes it possible. Just be darn sure that what you’re selling is ethical.

One more thing: If you're an entrepreneur in the U.S. and you sell a service, there's a Free Trial Box of Marketing Multipliers waiting for you here.

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