The One Thing Scorecard

The One Thing Scorecard

Do you know Dan Kennedy?

You should.

He's called "the millionaire maker" for good reason. He's helped thousands of entrepreneurs build bigger, richer lives.

He helped me make my first (and second) million 9 years ago ... pay off my mortgage 25 years early ... and generate multiple windfalls for my clients.

So I'm excited to share with you one of the most-overlooked, yet biggest ideas Dan ever taught.

Here's the idea: Every working day, invest just a few minutes to do ONE THING to make the phone ring. Every. Day. Without fail.

To illustrate, I'll quote from pages 181-182 of the new 3rd edition of Dan Kennedy's classic book, No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs:

"For about 30 years, I did not let a day go by that I did not send out a letter or a package, get an article published, do something to keep my books on bookstore shelves, secure a high-profile speaking engagement, or do something else to create and stimulate "deal flow."

"It didn't matter how busy I was or how tired -- or if it was the Friday before a holiday weekend. Whatever. Before sunset, at least ONE thing had to be done intended to stimulate demand. I have only eased up on this in very recent years, as I choose to rein in myself and wind down my work schedule, but still, at least half of my days include this.

"This one single, simple discipline has been worth millions."


That last sentence contains a word that might put you off. The word is discipline.

Because, who loves discipline? Not most people. Certainly not me.

That's why I invented The One Thing Scorecard.

It turns Dan Kennedy's multi-million-dollar marketing strategy into a daily activity that's actually ... pleasant. No discipline needed. Really. You don't have to force yourself to do more marketing that works. Instead, you propel yourself forward, like a bottle rocket.

And The One Thing Scorecard is getting rave reviews.

Like Doc Carney, a chiropractic coach and marketing master from California. He said: "I'm telling you Kevin, The One Thing really is a game changer. THANK YOU for your wonderful service. It does mean a lot to us individuals who appreciate great content that we can model and make money with."

Good news: The One Thing Scorecard gives you clarity, confidence, and a track to run on every day. It's led to productivity gains in my marketing of 4x ... 10x ... even 16x.

Bad news: You can't buy The One Thing Scorecard. It's not for sale. It's only available for members of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

Great news: You can get it free. Easily a $29.95 value -- and likely much more.


Simply click here to download your copy now, while there's time

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