Creative Destruction In Your Business: How To Avoid It

Want to avoid creative destruction in your business?

Then you can learn from the story of two men.

One man is doing nothing and is in trouble.

The other is taking action and will do fine.

The first man is a taxi driver I met last week in Toronto.

Poor dude waited an hour outside my hotel before a passenger, me, showed up. My destination was the new train station only 5 minutes away. The ride probably netted him $3.

As we drove, he poured out a tale of woe. Business was bad. Really bad.

Lena-Dunham-in-a-bikini bad.

Summing it all up he said, "The train and Uber have destroyed my world."

He's right.

Call it progress, creative destruction, whatever. But in a few years, driving a taxi will be like making barrels or blacksmithing -- a job you see only in the movies.

The taxi driver has no plan forward, no desire to learn new skills, no ability to make a quick change.

So, that man is in trouble.

The other man, my client WB, is also facing creative destruction in his business.

You see, Barack Obama is an excellent (if unwitting) salesman of many things: guns, "prepper" gear, off-the-grid houses in Belize, gold, etc. And my client has made a lot of money since 2008, largely by using Obama as a foil in his advertising.

Now that Obama is gone today, WB will see a dip in sales.

But he's spent months getting ready for this. And I helped him strategize a path forward during a consulting call yesterday. So his business will continue to do 7 and 8 figures online. In fact, he got a call this week from an East Coast publisher offering to buy his business.

What made the difference for these two men?

One saw creative destruction coming and did nothing.

The other saw creative destruction coming and took massive action.

In other words, you are not a tree. You can think, you can act, and you are not rooted in one place. You are free to move -- to new markets, even new countries.

Meaning: While you can't predict the future, you can prepare for it. You can take action before it arrives and destroys your world.

Start by getting excited by the fact that you already have the capability to grow your business. You've done it before. You can do it again.

You just need the right mindset and marketing tools.

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