Strategy vs. Tactics for Service Business Owners: Are You Really The Boss?

You may own the business, but are you really the boss?

The answer may surprise you.

Let me explain ...

I once overheard a discussion about strategy and tactics. It went like this:

Boss: "Me strategy. You tactics. Me say. You do."

Employee: "Okay, boss."

Now, look at your calendar for last week. How much boss work did you do? How much employee work?

Tip: As a service business owner, you get paid the big bucks for doing boss work. Everything else is employee work ... which pays less.

Decide what's going to happen, who's going to do it, and by what deadline. That's strategy -- boss work.

When you're answering email, stuffing envelopes, paying bills, those are tactics -- employee work. And you're under-paying yourself.

ONLY YOU can define your dreams and goals for your business. You are irreplaceable in that regard.

By contrast, you can always find people to do things. Those people are called employees, vendors, virtual assistants. They are, and must be, interchangeable.

I can tell you that THE biggest breakthrough in my work as a copywriter came 10 years ago when I hired my first virtual assistant. She allowed me to multiply my results by happily and effectively taking over tons of employee work -- scheduling calls, paying vendors, doing tech support, etc.

Since then, I've had 3 other VAs and my income has continued to grow. Today, I couldn't run my business without my current ninja VA, Laura. She's the employee who makes my boss work possible.

In It's a Brand New Game by Michael Patterson, Richard Branson says: "Try and find people to take over 99 percent of what you do, which will then free you up to think about the bigger picture."

Bingo. You do strategy. Let others do tactics.

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Kevin Donlin

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