How to Solve the Profit Puzzle in Your Business

Did you know?

The average person spends one hour and 42 minutes a week going to the toilet, according to a survey in The Scotsman, Scotland's national newspaper.

That adds up to 88 hours a year. More than two work weeks in the can. Time enough to read a book or two ... or 10.

Speaking of which ...

... there's a new book in my bathroom library: The Moscow Puzzles, a collection of 359 brain teasers. Here's a sample puzzle, with BIG implications for your business:

"Place three piles of matches on a table, one with 11 matches, the second with 7, and the third with 6.  You are to move matches so that each pile holds 8 matches. You may add to any pile only as many matches as it already contains. All the matches must come from one other pile. For example, if a pile holds 6 matches, you may add 6 to it, no more or less. You have three moves."

Now, you can solve this through laborious trial and error. But I'm impatient, so I looked for a shortcut. And I found it. Here it is: Start at the end and work back to find the path forward.

Let me explain.

I first visualized the third and final move, to create 3 piles of 8 match sticks. For that to occur, there had to be one pile of 8 already ... and an equal number (4 match sticks) added to another pile to create a pile of 8, which had to come from a pile of 12.

So, this had to be the group of piles before the final move: 4-8-12.

Now that I know what the end looks like, the rest is simple. Just work back to find the way forward. The moves look like this:

Start: 11-7-6
Move #1: 4-14-6
Move #2: 4-8-12
Move #3: 8-8-8

Now the good part: You can use this same puzzle-solving method to plan your marketing for October, Q4, and beyond ...

Simply start at the end and work back to find the way forward.

For example, let's say you want $36,000 in revenue this month. That's your result.

Start at the end of October and work back. What path will take you there? What's the final move you'll make to reach $36,000?

Let's say your final move is to sign up 3 clients at $12,000 each.

How do you get to that move? Maybe you have to make sales presentations to 9 prospects to sign up 3 clients.

How do you get to that move? Maybe you mail sales letters to 150 people asking for conversations and/or referrals to get meetings with 9 prospects.

How do you get to that move? Maybe you do a co-promotion with 3 partners to get a list of 150 people.

Okay, stop. You now have your first move: Find 3 partners for a co-promotion. Start there.

Is this simple? Yes.

Is it easy? No. Because it requires two things everybody hates to do: thinking and working.

But there it is, all laid out for you.

Start at the end and work back to find the way forward.

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