More New Clients: 3 Shortcuts For Your Service Business

Do you sell a service?

If so, here's news ...

You should listen to my new interview with authority marketing expert, Jeremy Jones.

When you do, you'll discover:

* how small, almost trivial actions can deliver big paydays for you

* why the faster you get tangible with people, the faster you sell

* how The Paper Email can bring you more new clients

That last idea, The Paper Email, has been called "stupid" ... "crazy" ... and a "silly gimmick." To which I say, "Thank God!"

Because if more Doubting Dumbasses actually sent Paper Emails, I'd have real competition.

Anyway, it's a short interview, only 22 minutes. Click here to listen and judge for yourself now.

And here's one more thing ...

... if you've ever wanted to try direct mail but didn't know where to start ...

... or you've tried direct mail, but didn't get good results ...

... here's a solution: The Paper Email.

It's direct mail for smart people.

It's fast. Easy. Cheap.

And it brings more new clients.

I invented it by accident about 6 years ago.

Since then, I've used the Paper Email to get attention (and sales!) from busy executives and entrepreneurs ... magazine editors ... even Seth Godin (he called me from his car).

Bottom line: If you can write an email, stuff an envelope, and lick a stamp ...

... the Paper Email can bring you more new clients.

In fact, if you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you a Paper Email template and easy instructions.

You'll love it. Like Dennis Neitz, a Sales Trainer in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

Here's what he said: "I sent out 6 letters and received 2 full price paying customers. Looking at how I used to send only emails, I would not have had those 2 clients if I had not sent the letters using one of the Paper Email templates you gave us."

Or Ray Alkalai, who called the Paper Email a "genius" way to get more new clients on LinkedIn ...

The Paper Email from
What are you waiting for?

It's easy to get your Paper Email, plus 10 other business-building tools:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days

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