Are You a Real Entrepreneur?

Are you a real entrepreneur?

First, take a look at this headline to an AP news story: "Entrepreneurs: ACA repeal may mean job changes"

Here's the main idea: "With Republicans working on legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, people who traded a full-time job for entrepreneurship are concerned that new insurance policies may be too expensive or not available at all -- and possibly force them to find new jobs that offer cheaper and more comprehensive group plans."

Get that?

Republicans are forcing entrepreneurs to find jobs.


No, no, no.

If you think you're an entrepreneur and you're thinking of finding a new job, you are NOT an entrepreneur. You are an employee between jobs. There's no shame in that, but don't confuse the two ideas.

No real entrepreneur will close their business because healthcare costs go up.

Instead, a real entrepreneur will find an alternative to health insurance (like a cost-sharing program) ... or create new products/services ... raise prices ... find new clients -- something, anything to meet higher costs.

But an entrepreneurare you a real entrepreneur would rather chew their foot off than work for someone else.

Anyway, the whole article is idiocy on stilts ... economic jackassery ... and inspired me to work harder today, just to spite the Associated Press.

So, are you a real entrepreneur?

Not if you feel triggered by my unbridled love of entrepreneurism and loathing for collectivism.

If that's you, sorry, you are not a real entrepreneur. You should go find a job.

Still with me?

Then know this: It's never been harder yet more important for you to protect your confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur than today. And it's only going to get worse.

Social media and the mainstream media will infect you with self-doubt about free markets, the value of work, and private enterprise ...

... unless you've got access to the right mindset and the right tools to build your business.

You can get both here, in Marketing Multipliers

Kevin Donlin

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