How to Make $2.5 Million an Hour Without a Gun

It all started about 4 years ago.

That's when I met a well-known marketing expert.

He's a thought leader.

An author.

A "guru to the gurus" type guy.

We'll call him Ed.

Ed gave a speech at a conference I attended in Cleveland. The room went wild. We loved his talk.

During the break, I stepped onto an elevator to go to my room. There was one other person inside -- Ed.

As the door closed, I had about 30 seconds to -- literally -- give an elevator pitch before we both reached our floors.

But I didn't spew out some spiel about me.

Instead, I simply told him that I loved his talk, told him why, and then asked him a few questions about marketing. We struck up a nice conversation that continued after we reached our floor.

Ed agreed to chat with me later at the conference, which he did.

Then, a few weeks later, Ed referred a new client to me. I did good work and the client was delighted. So Ed referred another client to me. And another. And another ...

To date, Ed has referred me more than $84,000 in revenue -- and counting. In a few short months, he opened doors to people and projects that might have taken me years to get on my own.

And it all started with a chance conversation in an elevator.

When you do the math, the $84,000 in referrals I earned from that 2-minute conversation works out to ... $2,520,000 an hour.

Not bad.

And it proves a valuable concept: Small actions can have BIG results.

Every person you meet ... every email you get ... every chance encounter -- they all have the power to deliver life-changing revenue for your business.

That's the good news.

The bad news?

If you're walking through life with your head down, checking texts or Twitter on your "smart" phone ... you can easily miss out on million-dollar opportunities.

So, small actions can have big results. But you can only see them if your eyes are open and you're fully engaged.

Something to think about.

And one more thing ...

The Marketing Multipliers Club is where I share the best small actions that produce big results for your business. It's rapidly becoming THE place for smart entrepreneurs who want to grow. I know this because my members say so.

Like Daniel Barrera, a marketing consultant from Florida. He's a member.

And here's the glowing success story he posted on LinkedIn ...

Marketing Multipliers succes story on Linkedin
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Kevin Donlin

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