New 1-Page Letter Gets You More Clients: Newsletter Marketing

You've heard that a printed newsletter can build your business.

That's because a newsletter increases retention, referrals, and revenues when it shows up in the mailbox of your prospects and clients every month.

That's the beauty of newsletter marketing.

And, yet ... you probably don't print and mail one, do you? You probably send an email newsletter or none at all.

I understand.

You're busy. You've got a lot going on.

So, instead of mailing a newsletter, try mailing a news letter.

That's a news LETTER -- a one-page document containing news.

This is a classic 80/20 solution to the problem.

You see, a one-page news letter erases the whole time-and-money problem of newsletter marketing. Because any regular communication from you to your prospects and clients is better than none at all.

And you may find, as I have, that it delivers 80% -- or more -- of the benefits of a longer, 4- or 8-page newsletter, in 20% of the time and money.

Does it work?

Um, yeah.

Typically, when I mail my news letter to 200 or so clients and referral partners, I get an astonishing ROI -- projects totaling $5,000 ... $10,0000 and more on less than $250 invested.

Now, if you can't afford $250 a month to build your business, sorry. You don't have a business. You have a hobby.

Otherwise, if you own or manage a real business, the news letter could be one of the best investments you ever make.

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