Newsletter or News Letter? The Answer May Surprise You

You've probably heard: A printed newsletter can build your business.

A newsletter increases retention, referrals, and revenues when it shows up in the mailbox of your prospects and clients every month.

And, yet ... you probably don't send a newsletter, do you?

I know the feeling.

A newsletter takes time and money to assemble and mail every month. To be honest, I stopped mailing mine over a year ago because I got too busy.

And guess what?

A funny thing happened ...

... my referrals dropped off the table.

So, two months ago, I did something about it. Instead of mailing another newsletter, I started mailing a news letter.

Take another look at that last sentence. I'm not talking about a newsletter. I'm talking about a news letter -- a letter containing news.

This is a classic 80/20 solution to a problem.

If you don't have time to write and mail a full-blown, 4-page color newsletter ... don't. Instead, cull out the vital 20% of the contents that deliver 80% of the value -- the news -- and deliver it in a format that's 20% as complex -- a letter.

When you do, it erases the whole time-and-money problem of newsletters. You may find, as I have, that a news letter delivers 80% of the benefits of a newsletter, in 20% of the time and money.

Does it work?

Um, yeah.

I've now mailed two "issues" of my news letter to 20-25 clients and referral partners -- people who can either hire me for a project or refer new clients to me.

And the results are: Two new projects and two referrals on possible projects. The potential ROI is astonishing -- more than $12,000 on less than $100 invested. Not bad.

And my Marketing Multipliers members love it, too.

Like Tom Trush. He's a busy consultant and podcaster from Arizona. Here's the picture he posted on LinkedIn ...

Marketing Multipliers example - the news letter
... and here's what he says:

"Kevin Donlin, I'm a huge fan of your "news letter" idea from your Marketing Multipliers program. My latest version -- inspired by you -- is hitting mailboxes right now. Thank you!"

Now, I've got bad news and good news.

First the bad news: You won't find the "news letter" Tom talks about in my Marketing Multipliers program. It was one of the monthly issues that I mail to subscribers. And that issue is NO LONGER available to the public.

The good news?

If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll email you a Special Report that shows you how to create your own News Letter -- just like mine and Tom's -- for pennies on the dollar compared to an ordinary newsletter.

It's a $29.95 value, yours free. Gratis. No charge. El Freebo.

But only if you do it today, okay?

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck, here.

2) Reply to your email receipt and ask for your free Special Report: The News Letter Template

Kevin Donlin

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