Payment Plans: More Sales + Profits From The Same Effort

What if grocery stores had only small hand baskets and no carts?

You'd have to stop shopping as soon as the basket got too heavy. No matter how much you wanted to buy.

Big items like laundry detergent or gallons of milk would be purchased only rarely. You would go home frustrated that you couldn't get everything you wanted or needed.

Sounds like a joke, right? What kind of grocery store would make it hard to buy from them?

Well, the joke may be on you.

Because you might be making it hard for people to buy from you ...

... unless you offer payment plans.

Breaking a high-priced service or product into multiple payments is just like offering shoppers a bigger cart: You make it easier to buy. Your sales go up. And your clients go home happy.

There’s a reason why you see multiple payments on nearly every infomercial, every ad for a car, and every show on QVC or the Home Shopping Network: payment plans work. They’re one of the most powerful things you can do to fuel explosive growth in your business.

Here are 3 reasons why ...

1) Increase Sales. By breaking big prices into small ones, you boost the number of people who can buy. Research by PayPal showed sales can increase up to 18% with a multi-payment option.

2) Increase Profits. By splitting an order into smaller monthly payments, you make bigger orders more affordable. At the same time, it helps your clients get what they really need without having to settle for less. And you get bigger profits.

3) Increase Cashflow. You get paid up front for new clients today, while continuing to get paid for clients from last month and the month before. That keeps your cashflow smooth from week to week -- a nice feeling in any business.

In Why We Buy, the excellent book on the science of shopping, Paco Underhill writes: "You can’t know how much shoppers will buy until you’ve made the shopping experience as comfortable and easy and practical as possible."

Bottom line: If you don't offer payment plans, you are NOT making it comfortable, easy, or practical to buy from you. As a result, your business is leaking sales and profits while you read this.

Meanwhile ...

I've got bad news and good news.

Bad News: I just shared the exact formula to make payment plans work for any business that sells a service or product priced at more than $500. A sales gain of 15%, 20%, or more would be normal. You might do even better.

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Kevin Donlin

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