About Your Email Marketing — Are You Exposed?

Do you use email in your marketing?

Of course you do.

But do your prospects read your emails without distraction?


Online, the competition for attention -- Google, Amazon, Zappos, whatever -- is just a click away.

But did you know?

Direct mail gets up to 4,557% better response than email, according to the Harvard Business Review (May 2013).

Guess who else knows this? Google. Amazon. Zappos.

They ALL use direct mail, even though all 3 of them are 8,000 lb. gorillas online.


I'll tell you why in 2 words: competitive vacuum.

You see, when you're holding a letter in your hands, there's nothing to click on.

Nothing to distract you.

It's just you and that message on the paper, for as long as it can hold your attention.

PLUS, mailing a letter to someone creates a lasting impression that's simply NOT possible with email.

And there's science to prove it ...

Research by The UK's Royal Mail and Bangor University found that a letter you can hold in your hands, "triggered greater emotional processing" ...

... and "tangible materials actually leave a deeper footprint in the brain."


You can leave footprints in the brains of your prospects! That's the power of a real, tangible, message in the mail.

Imagine ...

How many more clients could get with a letter that delivers your best sales message in a competitive vacuum ... to 100 ... 500 ... or 1,000 prospects?

Something to think about.

And here's one more thing ...

... if you've ever wanted to try direct mail but didn't know where to start ...

... or you've tried direct mail, but didn't get good results ...

... here's a solution: The Paper Email.

It's direct mail for busy people.

It's fast. Easy. Cheap.

And it works.

I invented it by accident about 6 years ago.

Since then, I've used the Paper Email to get attention (and sales!) from busy executives and entrepreneurs ... magazine editors ... even Seth Godin, the marketing uber-guru (he called me from his car).

Anyway, if you can write an email, stuff an envelope, and lick a stamp ...

... the Paper Email can build your business.

In fact, if you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you a Paper Email template and easy instructions.

You'll love it. Like Ray Alkalai, who posted this rave review on LinkedIn ...

The Paper Email Rave Review
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Kevin Donlin

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