Donald Trump Can Make Your Business Rich. Even If You Hate Him

Right now, the entire world is talking about Donald Trump.

Use this to your advantage.

Here's how: If you've read my recent posts, you know that I've talked a lot about attention and how vital it is to your marketing.

Because, before you can make a sale, you must get attention.

No attention, no sale.

(That's why I used "Trump" in the headline of this post. To get your attention. Mission accomplished.)

Anyway, you may recall that one of my Marketing Multipliers members got a return on investment of 17-to-1 on a postcard that used Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to get attention.

Here's that postcard again:

postcard marketing ROI of 17-1
Now that the election is over, what should he do?

He should run that promotion again, that's what. But with a twist.

Let me show you ...

postcard marketing 17-to-1 ROIThose updates took me less than 10 minutes to make. Because the main idea still works: Trump (and Clinton) get attention. Which is half the battle.

As they say in the stock market, "Let your winners run."

Just like a stock, that winning postcard is a money-making asset. It should run until it stops making money.

Your Takeaway: For the next few months, anything with Donald Trump's name or picture on it will get attention. Use this to your advantage by tying a promotion to him.

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump can be your own personal cash cow, if you use him to get attention for your marketing.

One last thing ...

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Kevin Donlin

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