When Millionaire Athletes Feel Rotten, This Is What They Do

Slava Kozlov is a Russian who made his fortune in America the old-fashioned way ...

how milllionarie athletes stay resilient
... playing hockey for Detroit Red Wings.

And he's got a million-dollar secret for you, if you ever want to get out of a business slump.

Which is important.

Because we all fall into slumps.

Think: When is it easier to grow your business, when you're happy and confident ... or down and depressed? Obviously, you do better when you feel better.

Staying resilient, boosting your mood on demand -- this is critical for success.

Here’s how Slava Kozlov did it.

In an interview with a Russian language newspaper, he was asked, “How do you get out of a scoring slump?”

He said “Well, it’s easy. The trainers made a DVD of all of us that’s nothing but a highlight reel of all of our best goals, so when I’m in a slump, I watch the tape of myself scoring. That’s what everybody on the team did. We watch a tape of ourselves scoring.”

Don't worry, you don't need to make a highlight reel of yourself on video.

Here are two easy ways to “watch a tape of yourself scoring” and put yourself in a happy, productive mood -- on demand.

1) Read your testimonials

If you have testimonials from happy clients -- and you should -- read them out loud to boost your mood.

2) Read your LinkedIn recommendations

Same thing. Read the recommendations on your LinkedIn profile out loud. Don't have any? Start giving them out ASAP. That's the surest way to get recommendations in return.

Bottom line: Reading nice things people said about you is like giving yourself a mental massage. It makes you happier and more productive.

Do this any time you feel rotten and want to get out of a slump.

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Kevin Donlin

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