Money is Attracted to Speed

Here's an idea.

It cost me over $17,600 to get ...

... and it helped pay off my mortgage 25 years early.

Wanna know what it is?

First, the back story.

The idea was first revealed to me by Dan Sullivan at his Strategic Coach program (cost: $8,995 + $4,000 travel) ...

... then reinforced by Dan Kennedy at his "Advanced Wealth Academy" event (cost: $3,197 + $1,500 travel).

Each Dan shared this wealth-building secret in different words, but the application is similar.


Okay, here's the idea: Money is attracted to speed.

You see, there's a HUGE difference between poor and rich people. It's a sense of urgency.

Dan Sullivan said that, when he shares a good idea with millionaires, they start implementing it the same day. But when he shares that same idea with less-wealthy people, they start making excuses why it won't work for them.

And I've seen firsthand how slowpokes fail.

For over a year, I mentored a young man in the marketing game. I gave him books to read, exercises to do ... I critiqued his copy and shared ideas via Skype chats ... I encouraged him, brainstormed with him, exhorted him ...

... and 13 months later he was still chasing his tail, getting nowhere. He had failed to implement anything.

For maximum speed to wealth, implement more, faster.

Following that advice back in 2004, I dropped everything to quickly exploit a tiny trickle of promising cash flow in my business. By moving fast and then creating systems to lock in my advantage, that trickle turned to a flood of revenue ...

... and I paid off my mid six-figure mortgage 25 years early, in 2007.

So, yeah, this idea -- money is attracted to speed -- is valuable.

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Kevin Donlin

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