Want More Clients? Get Personal

News flash: Your clients don't buy from your business.

They buy from you.

And you are a person.

The more personal connections you make with clients, the more they will get to know and like you as a person. The more they will buy from you. And the more they will refer you to other people they know and like.

It's an upward spiral, with no limit.

Today, try something new.

Do this: Write and mail (with a stamp!) one thank-you note to your all-time favorite client, THE person you would like to clone. Say nothing more than "Thank you for being my client. I would love to have more like you."

Tomorrow, do the same with your #2 client. And so on, for the rest of this week. Mail 5 thank-you notes in all. Next week, you can do it again with clients 6-10. And so on.

What kind of response can you expect from this personal outreach?

Well, how would you feel if your dry cleaner or hair stylist mailed you a personal, honest, flattering thank-you note? Blown away, that's how.

And you'd likely tell others about the remarkable business person who just reached out and got personal with you.

You can make your business remarkable and enjoy all the resulting benefits, if you take a few minutes to get personal with your favorite clients today.

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