The Simple Letter To Increase Referrals

Want to increase referrals?


Because in this post, I'll show you how to write a simple letter yourself to increase your referrals 3 ways.

Total cost: Less than a buck.

What is it?

A handwritten thank-you note.

I know, I know.

That probably offends your intelligence.

Were you hoping for something more complicated?


Because your competitors are probably thinking the same thing. Which means there's a screaming opportunity for you to increase referrals ... IF you keep an open mind.

First, let me show you a beautiful thank-you note I got in the mail from Kia Arian.

In case you don't know Kia, she's an ace graphic designer who does all of marketing master Dan Kenendy's important projects. And I'm proud to know Kia.

Take a look ...

Thank you note to increase referrals

Once for ounce, a thank-you note could be the most valuable tool to bring you more referrals this year -- and beyond.

Here are 3 reasons why there is big referral power in a little thank-you note:

#1: It's tangible.

A handwritten thank-you note creates a lasting impact that's not possible with email. Research by The UK's Royal Mail and Bangor University found that physical materials, like a letter you can hold, "triggered greater emotional processing."

The study, Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail, found that "tangible materials actually leave a deeper footprint in the brain."

Wow. Footprints in the brain. Try doing that with a text or email.

#2: It's genuine.

We love dogs for the same reason we loathe used-car salesmen: The former are 100% genuine and the latter are ... not.

A message that's 100% genuine, like a thank-you note, will cause people to lower their guard and let it into their hearts. Which is what you want for any marketing message.

#3: It builds referrals like magic.

Every thank-you note you mail is a reminder to someone that you like them. Which will cause them to remember you.

When Kia writes, "Glad to know a talented copywriter like you," I will remember her with favor ... especially when anyone asks for a referral to a talented designer -- that's going to be Kia.

That's why, for these 3 reasons and others, I train all members of my Marketing Multipliers Club to use thank-you notes to increase referrals.

And if you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you the easy instructions and a template for what I call "The $10,800 Thank-You Note." You'll see why when you get it.

It's one of my Secret Weapons when it comes to getting referrals on projects up to $23,940 ... $47,940 ... and more.

If you can write 50 words by hand and lick a stamp, you can build your business every day of the week with this.

It's easy to get your "$10,800 Thank-You Note" -- stamped and ready to use -- plus 10 other business-building tools, delivered to your door by U.S. Mail:

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2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days.

Kevin Donlin

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