3 Ways to Close More Sales

Want to close more sales?

You've got company.

Like Michael, a sales rep and one of my readers. He writes:

"The biggest challenge in my marketing is converting the prospects I have into paying clients. Phone is the usual method of follow up. Then we schedule an appointment to go by and visit. What do you suggest?"

For Michael -- and you if you want to close more sales -- here are 3 ideas:

1) If you offer helpful info with every phone call or voicemail (as opposed to "looping back," "touching base," or other nonsense), more people will take/return your calls. Example: a report offering the top 10 FAQ (and answers) about systems integration in industrial automated control systems. The first person to educate a prospect and help them make a decision generally wins.

2) Whatever you're saying on the phone or in voicemails can be put on paper and mailed, with a stamp. Generally, your conversion rates go up 50% when you combine direct mail with phone calls. Most sales reps HATE this idea. They just want to smile and dial. They "don't have time for direct mail" ... until the end of the month and they've missed another quota. Don't be like most sales reps 🙂

3) After viewing Michael's website, I saw no compelling reason to raise my hand and identify myself as a prospect. This is true for most websites, by the way. Sadly, about 95-99% of your website visitors aren't ready to buy today. But if you offer a Free Report, Free White Paper, Free Cheat Sheet, or other "lead magnet" in exchange for a name and email, you can build a valuable database of prospects to follow up with -- and close more sales with -- over time.

One last thing: If you provide a professional service, like digital marketing, finance, insurance, SAAS, or consulting ...

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