How to Sell a Commodity? Try Making a Show

How to sell a commodity?

That's the eternal question. Especially if your product or service is not new or tech-driven. Like most products, services, foods, coaching ... come to think of it, nearly everything can be commoditized.

Which is bad news. Because people buy commodities largely based on price, which is a loser's game. Don't play it.

Good news: You don't have to lower your prices to stand out if you're trying to sell a commodity.

Instead, try making a show of how you deliver it.

You can see the secret in action in my new guerrilla video below ...

... where a busy hot dog vendor used it to rack up huge sales at a Minnesota Twins game.

The best part?

He was selling the ultimate commodity -- hot dogs. The same as every other vendor in Target Field.

But by doing one simple thing, he was busy, busy, busy.

Click below to see for yourself.

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