New Sales from Old Clients: The $78,000 Referral Success Story

Where are your best clients?

Under your nose.

Want proof?

Your probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%, according to Marketing Metrics.

That matches my experience. Yours, too, of course. Because selling to strangers ain't easy, no matter how warmed up they are.


Your probability of selling to an existing client is a whopping 60-70%.

Way, way, waaaaay better. And more profitable.

Because selling to existing clients has an acquisition cost of $0. Which leaves more profits for you. To illustrate how new sales from old clients works, here's a story from my files ...

L.G. first hired me in September 2012 for a micro consultation at $797. He got fantastic results from the small bit of copy I wrote, so he hired me two more times and referred me to others.

After every sale and referral, I mailed him a small gift of thanks. Nothing major: a book, food basket, book summary, thank-you notes, etc. All told, I mailed him 9 thank-you items over 4 years.

Last month, I got a call out of the blue from the CEO of multi-million dollar company. "We need someone to write copy and L.G. won't stop raving about you. When can you start?"

That EASY sale was for $78,000 -- more than 97 times the $797 price of the first gig I did for L.G.

Moral: Your best new clients are probably among your best old clients. If you take care of them, they will buy again, refer you, or both.

So, take care of the clients you have, show them your appreciation, and good things can happen ... in the form of new sales from old clients.

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You can build your business, as easily as licking one stamp a day. And you'll NEVER look at thank-you notes the same way again.

What are you waiting for?

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Kevin Donlin

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