Selling Stuff Sucks. Selling Money at a Discount is Better

To tell you the truth, I don't like to sell stuff.

I don't like to sell services. I don't like to sell products.

Instead, I would rather sell money at a discount.

Offering $20 bills at $5 apiece, for example. Doesn't that sound like fun?

It is. And it can happen to you ...

... when you stop selling stuff and start offering overwhelming value.

All it takes is a little math.

Just find out the dollar value of the problem(s) you solve. Then, keep adding up the numbers until the value is so mouth-watering that people are compelled to buy.

Example: Let's say you sell software to boost efficiency.

On average, your software saves 10 minutes every hour for each user. That's about 400 minutes saved in a 40-hour week and 20,000 minutes (333 hours) saved a year, per user.

Now let's say your prospect has 20 employees. Each is paid an average of $40,000 a year, or $20 an hour.

If you multiply 333 hours saved by $20, that's $6,660 in annual savings per employee x 20 employees = $66,600 a year.

Armed with these numbers, you can then tell your prospect, "If, for an investment of $995 today, you save $66,600 this year, you've just earned a return of 6,593%. Even Warren Buffett can't top that kind of ROI."

Overwhelming value like that changes the conversation. Instead of selling software, you are now selling money at a discount. Which, do you think, is easier?

Speaking of big ROI, here's another example ...

One of my clients wanted a cash-flow surge. Looking at his business, I quickly saw an opportunity. "Why don't we contact your inactive clients and ask for a conversation? It should lead to new sales," I said.

"Sure," said Jeff, my client.

So I cooked up one of my Client Reactivation Letters for Jeff. He mailed it to a few dozen of his inactive clients -- people who had not purchased anything within 12 months or so.

And here's what happened: "We mailed the letter Kevin wrote. It was our first time to send a direct-mail promotion like this to existing accounts already on the books. The results were pretty incredible -- $77,098 in new revenues, with more to come by the end of the year. The return on investment for your services was off the charts!"


Would you like to see the Client Reactivation Letter I wrote for my client?

With simple instructions so you can set off a cash-flow surge in your business?

Okay, here's the deal ...

If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll email you the Client Reactivation Blueprint that turns old inactive clients into new cash windfalls.

Because every business -- including yours -- has inactive clients. People just stop buying for whatever reason. Once you’ve identified your inactive clients, you want to contact them with the letter and email templates I've already created for you.

Just copy, paste, send, and BOOM. You're done.

Best part: The calls and orders usually start coming in within 48 hours -- because these people aren’t strangers. They already know you and trust you. They're your past clients.

It’s simple. It works like crazy.

And it’s easily one of the most profitable tools I’ve ever created.

You could hire me for $4995 -- or more -- to write these letters for you.

However, the Client Reactivation Blueprint is yours today at no cost. No charge. No kidding.

But only if you respond today, okay?

It's easy:

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