The Amazing Sales Tool: Telephone Prospecting for Smart People

Hate the idea of telephone prospecting?

Wait. Let's reframe that ...

Because the smartphone in your pocket is an amazing sales tool.

It can generate new leads, customers, and sales ... in only 15 minutes a day ... at no cost, other than your time.

I just used mine to get:

* 2 referrals to podcasters who can build my business
* a referral to an event that needs a speaker -- a perfect fit for me
* a lead on a new copywriting project

... all from just one 10-minute conversation!

How did I do it? Simple.

I picked up the phone and called 5 clients, members, or prospects. Same as I do almost every morning. The conversation above happened on call #3, when I spoke with Scott, a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

He and I have a great relationship, thanks in part to the calls I make to offer value to him regularly. Today, I actually called to offer him a referral, but he gave me much more value in response!


Does every conversation put new leads and clients in my pipeline?

Of course not.

But can you engage your clients and prospects that way by email or social media alone?

Of course not. Only a conversation can create surprising new business opportunities like those I got from Scott.

Lesson: If you're doing good work and offering value to your clients and prospects, only good things can happen when you pick up the phone and call them.

And one more thing: If you want to go deeper in this topic and learn 3 simple ways to build your business by phone, you should give my Marketing Multipliers Club a try.

Because when you do, I'll send you a new Special Report, "The Sales Conversation Starter."

It shows you how to tap into LinkedIn -- and two other networks -- to get more new clients and sales. Just like I do every day. Even if you HATE the idea of telephone prospecting.

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