The Offer Checklist


The Offer Checklist

How do you get new clients?

You probably use one or more of the following tools: web page, postcard, email, flyer, sales letter, or print ad.

Now. Would you like to make sure EVERY ONE of those tools brings you more clients? Without spending a penny more on advertising?

Here's how: Make better offers.

Let me explain ...

The late, great copywriting legend Gary Halbert once said words to this effect: The 3 most important elements in any promotion are, in order:

  1. List (the people you’re selling to)
  2. Offer (what you are giving them in exchange for their time and/or money), and
  3. Creative (the clever words and images you use to sell your offer).

Okay. I can’t help you with #1, the list. Not today anyhow. But I can help you with the second element, your offer. Which is nice. Because, by making better offers, you convert more prospects into paying clients -- with NO additional effort on your part. This gives you an almost infinite return on your investment here, because you won’t need more new prospects to get more new clients. You’ll simply be selling more to the prospects you already have. Pretty neat, huh?

Think about it. Why make lukewarm offers to 100 prospects and get only 5 new clients, when you can make fantastic offers to the same 100 prospects ... and get 10 new clients? Or 20? Or more? In fact, I’ve seen evidence from Bob Bly and other top copywriters that -- simply by making better offers -- you can improve the response rate to your promotions from 10% to as much as 900%.

First, a definition. What is an offer? Simply put, it’s what your prospects get when they respond, combined with what they have to do. Here’s a simple example: “Call toll-free 1-800-888-5555 for your Free Information Kit.” The kit is what prospects get. Calling is what they have to do.

Now, let’s talk about two kinds of offers you can make: Lead Generation and Sales ...

  • These are what you make when you want prospects to raise their hands and say, “Yes, I’m interested. Please tell me more.” If you want to pull in more leads who are qualified for what you sell, make sure your offer checklist has most or all of these boxes:
    Lead-Generation Offers
[ ] Clear Call to Action. Tell people what to do --- call, download, etc. And do so clearly. If you read it to a 10-year-old, will they get it? Example: Call 555-555-1212 today for your Free DVD.

[ ] Intriguing Title. Give the “thing” in your offer an attention-getting title.
Example: Call 555-555-1212 today for your Free DVD, “7 Ways to End Back Pain Without Surgery.”

[ ] Credible Value. Does your offer have a real value? It should. And that value should be within the bounds of reason, because your prospects’ BS detector is highly sensitive.
Example: Call 555-555-1212 today for your Free DVD, “7 Ways to End Back Pain Without Surgery.” A $39.00 value, it’s yours at no cost or obligation.

[ ] Scarce. More people will respond if they think they’re in danger of missing out on your offer. So, inject believable scarcity. Two ways to do this are to limit the supply, or use a deadline -- or both. Example: Call 555-555-1212 today for your Free DVD, “7 Ways to End Back Pain Without Surgery.” A $39.00 value, it’s yours at no cost or obligation. While supplies last. Offer ends April 30, 2016.

[ ] Multiple Response Options. The more ways you let people respond, the more people will respond. People who fear being sold on the phone will happily respond online, for example.
Example options: web page, email, phone, fax, text, reply envelope.

  • Sales Offers

If you’re selling something in your offer, add these elements for higher response:

[ ] Free Gifts/Bonuses. How many free gifts or bonuses? Two is usually better than one, according to direct-mail authority Dick Benson. Example: Enroll today to claim your Free Marketing Skull Session ($395 value). Plus, if you're one of the first 3 people to respond, you get an EXTRA 5th Coaching Session ($495 value) FREE.

[ ] Payment Plan. In my 21 years of marketing, I’ve never seen a payment plan fail to increase response. Ever. Include one if you can! And, NEVER call payments by that name; call them installments. Example: Your investment today is 3 monthly installments of only $999.

[ ] Guarantee. Finally, remove the risk of buying from you by offering the strongest guarantee you can. Not only will your sales surge as a result (more than paying for any refunds, in all likelihood), but, if you take credit cards ... you already have a money-back guarantee. Any unhappy client can request a chargeback from the credit card provider, who sides with the consumer most of the time. Which means you’ll give a refund anyway. So just offer a guarantee, okay? The longer, the better.
Example: You can’t make a mistake, thanks to our One-Year Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t LOVE your results, you pay nothing.

Now, let’s put the Offer Checklist to the test, by reviewing a real-life offer that sucks eggs. And, if you act fast, I’ll reward you!

Take a look at the lame offer below, which I got as a spam fax the other day. (Thanks, North Star jackasses!) This ad is bad 12 ways to Sunday, but confine your critique to the offer only ... 

image - offer checklist


POP QUIZ: How many of the 5 lead-generation elements are MISSING in this ad?

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