Screw Digital Marketing — How to Increase Sales to Real People

Have you ever sold your service or product to a computer?


Only people can buy from you.

So, let's forget digital sales and marketing for a minute ...

... and focus on people.

Want a simple way to sell to more people?

Use the right words.

Specifically, use a sales script. Key phrases that are proven to persuade, including responses to objections, like: "It costs too much," or "Let me think it over."

I've used sales scripts since 2004. I've seen them double my own sales ... deliver an extra $1 billion to a bank ... even land Walmart as a client for one clever fellow (not me).

And let me be blunt: If you're against sales scripts, you've either never tried them or you've screwed them up.

Done right, a sales script makes you:

* more enthusiastic (because you're confident about using words that are known to sell)

* more efficient (because you can improve your scripts a little each day)

* more profitable (because you'll close more sales)

Good news: If you’ve ever made a sale and can write down what you said, you have the foundation for a sales script.

And I'll even give you the opening of your first sales script. Ready? At the start of your next conversation with a prospect, ask "How were you hoping I could help you?"

Whatever comes out of their mouth in reply will tell you what they want. No more guessing -- you will know. And your sales job is then simple: Tell them how you will give them what they want.

That simple scripted question is a great place to start any conversation with prospects -- and earn more sales.

Now, speaking of scripts ...

... would you like a script that can clone your ideal clients?

Legally and ethically?

Without a license?

I call it ... The Client Cloning Script.

Clever, huh?

It's fast. It's easy. And it works.

It's two simple questions that bring you more clients like your best clients. You can use The Client Cloning Script by email, in person, or on the phone -- it doesn't matter. That's how powerful it is.

And if you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you The Client Cloning Script free. So you can start using this profitable little tool right away.

You'll love it.

What are you waiting for?

It's easy to get your Client Cloning Script, plus 11 other business-building tools:

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Kevin Donlin

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