How to Bypass the Curse of Commoditization

Do you make this mistake in your business?

You do if you offer any of the following:

* Free Consultation
* Free Estimate
* Free Report

If so, stop doing that. Now.

Here’s why: Free Consultations ... Free Estimates ... Free Reports ...

... are like dog crap. They're everywhere.

Google "free consultation" and you'll find 23,600,000 results.

Google "free estimate" and it's 7,670,000 results.

See my point?

When you offer the same things as everyone else, you look the same as everyone else. As a result, your business is seen as a commodity -- like a gallon of gas or a sack of flour. And people will price shop you, just like gas and flour.

That's why I long ago stopped offering Free Consultations and Free Reports.

Instead, when I ask people to meet and talk business, I invite them to a "Free Skull Session."

Guess how many times "Free Skull Session" shows up in Google? Only 836. And mine is the only one of its kind. Which positions me uniquely.

Here's another: On one of my web sites, I've offered a Free Client Cloning Kit for 4 years, instead of a Free Report.

Google "Free Client Cloning Kit" and you'll find only 265 results. And all of them -- every single one -- lead directly to me.

By avoiding commodity language, I prevent apples-to-apples comparisons. Hell, I'm a PINEAPPLE. Nobody can price-shop me (and anyone who tries is ruthlessly eliminated from my life).

Your Takeaway: When you speak your own language, you can write your own check.

One other thing ...

... it's taken me 21 years in marketing to get to the point where I can create unique names on demand for my services and my clients.'

But you don't have 21 years. And you probably can't afford to hire me.

Enter The Unique Naming Matrix.

It's a tool I developed to let you speak your own language. It gives you -- at a glance -- 125 different ways to say:

* Free Consultation
* Free Estimate
* Free Report

... in language that is as unique to you as Free Client Cloning Kit is to me.

It lets you bypass the curse of commoditization, avoid being price-shopped, and finally get paid what you deserve.

And here's the cool part: You get your own Unique Naming Matrix when you enroll in my new "Marketing Multipliers 4-Week Boot Camp."

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