How to Sell a Service at High Prices: $55,000 Case Study

How to sell a service at high prices?

That's a tricky question.

And this will be a tricky answer.

Because I'm writing this in the back of an Uber ride to the airport. And the suspension on this car is shot to hell. It feels like we're on a mogul run down a mountain ...

... so this will be brief.

But if you sell a service -- and want to sell a higher prices -- you'll love this.
sell a service at high prices
It's a case study about how to sell a high-price service  from a smart marketer, Brennan Dunn.

Here's the link; study it: "How I won a two week, $55,000 Project"

Even if you DON'T sell a service, you can still profit from the "big idea" behind it, which is this: Have a process and a script for every important part of your marketing.

Actually, there's another way you can profit from Brennan's case study.

I use it to routinely sell my services at prices ranging from $48,000 to $78,000 ... and beyond.

Here's the story: Since 1998, I've found that if you sell a service, you need to get "real" and win trust with clients before you can sell high-priced projects.

The best way is to meet your prospects in person. They can see, here, and touch you. That's huge when it comes to building trust -- and sales.

But how can you build trust if you can't meet your prospects in person?

Do this: Deliver your proposal on paper, by FedEx. That's how I do it on my copywriting projects, which range up to $78,000.

I've developed a 9-step formula for proposals that convert like crazy -- more than 85% in my experience.

What would it do for your business if more than 8 of 10 prospects said yes and bought?

That's what my template, which I call the UnProposal, can do for you.

Now. There isn't room here for all 9 steps ...

But I can show you Steps 1, 4, and 9, to give you an idea.

Step 1) Give your UnProposal a unique name

Never call it a “Price Quote,” “Project Bid,” or anything similar. That’s commodity language, which brands you as a commodity. Instead, speak your own language.

Here are example names for your UnProposal:

•    Game Plan
•    Profit Blueprint
•    Outline
•    Project Summary
•    Project Description

Get the idea? When your UnProposal shows up with a unique name, it changes the rules of the game. And it helps you bypass the curse of commoditization.

Step 4) Include a picture of the prospect or their business

You know the sweetest sound in any language is your name, right? Deep down, we’re all most interested in ourselves.

The logical extension of that magic word -- your name -- is your picture.

That’s why I include a picture of my prospect or their business on page one of every UnProposal I send. It gets their immediate and favorable attention. Which increases the likelihood that he will pay attention to the rest of my UnProposal. And buy from me.

You can find pictures of prospects and their businesses by doing an image search online. It's dead simple.

Step 9) Deliver it fast, on paper

Finally, you need to deliver this quickly and tangibly. So don’t mess around. Print and send your UnProposal by FedEx.

Do not cheap out and send it by email. Because, do you really want your prospect to read your carefully crafted UnProsposal on their smart phone while waiting in line at the gas station? No.

Instead, you want to control where prospects read your UnProsposal. And the best place for that is in a business environment. So print it and send it to their office.

A FedEx Letter is handled differently from Priority Mail or even UPS. It communicates urgency and demands attention -- two powerful emotional triggers that work in your favor. You’re buying a lot when you use FedEx.

And a tangible document almost always outsells an email.

So there you have it. This 9-part UnProposal process works so well that I’ve kept it a secret for years. It’s an instantly useful and profitable Marketing Multiplier that you can use today.

Okay, bad news and good news.

Bad News: I recently shared the exact 9-step UnProposal Formula with members of my Marketing Multipliers Club. All members got it in the mail. And that issue is NO LONGER available to the public.

Good News: If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll email you a copy of my 9-step UnProposal Formula. So you can unlock huge profits that are trapped right now in your business.

It's a $29.95 value, yours at no cost.

Gratis. Kein Geld. No charge. No fooling.

But only if you do it today, okay?

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

2) Reply to your email receipt and ask me for the "9-step UnProposal Formula"

Kevin Donlin


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