How to Handle Complaints on Social Media

So, I got mocked on Facebook a few days ago.

Not fun.

But unavoidable, if you market your business online.

And when complaints or insults hit you online, smile. It means your audience has expanded beyond your immediate family and friends 🙂

Besides, it's fairly simple to turn foes into fans on social media. Not always, but often enough.

Here's an example. A screen capture of a minor insult lobbed at me on my Marketing Multipliers Facebook page last Friday:

how to handle complaints on social media
If you can't read that exchange, it started with a comment on my Facebook ad. The headline said: "How to Grow Your Service Business Without Advertising."

C. posted a snarky comment: "And yet, here we are, advertising."

I replied, "Heh! Well played, sir. I advertise because it's my profession. For most service business owners, it's not. That's the point I'm trying to make 🙂"

C. said, "Good answer. I appreciate the sense of humor and spirit."


Moral: You can't fix a problem by running away. Especially if you get ripped on social media, where the capacity for your problem to expand and blow up in your face is infinite.

If you can defuse an unhappy person with humor, do so. (Being Irish, it's what I do.)

If you can't make them laugh, do whatever is reasonable to make online complainers happy -- up to and including a refund.

If you want to know how to handle complaints on social media, simply listening and validating the other person is 80% of the solution.

What NOT to do: debate, insult, or argue with them. That just fans the flames.

So, next time you encounter a negative review of you or your business online, go confront the problem. Listen. Be reasonable. Win.

And ... hey, why not like my Facebook page? You can insult me there and see me in action. Plus, I give away freebies and cool marketing tools, only for group members.

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Kevin Donlin

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