How to Tap a $462,263 Windfall: Split Testing Case Study

Here's a true story ...

... of how I made $462,263 for a client and increased his online sales 43% by marketing LESS for him.

Best part: You can duplicate it in about 10 minutes.

What happened?

My client, Mr. X, is an outstanding marketer. He advertises on national TV and radio. And his ads are very good.

But his team wasn't split testing their ads systematically.

By split testing, I mean creating two versions of the same ad, then showing version A to 50% of the audience and version B to the other half. This way, you can test different headlines, prices, offers, etc. and let real customers pick your winners.

It's the only way to continuously improve your advertising with certainty. And you can make a LOT of money doing it.

When I offered to do this for Mr. X, he put me on a monthly retainer to split test his ads.

In one of our first tests, I made a small change to the headline of his web page sales letter. His original version, with banner ads at the top, had run for months. My new version had no banners. Yes, I actually removed copy from the ad.

It took me less than 10 minutes to create ... but it was based on 21 years of writing web page copy since 1995.

We sent more than 1,880 visitors to each version of the web page sales letter to see what would happen ...

... and the results speak for themselves.

Take a look at the screenshot of our data ...

Split Testing winner that grew sales 43%

  • Sales before Kevin's split test: $18,899 a week

  • Sales after Kevin's split test: $27,790 a week

He got 43% more sales from almost the same number of visitors. Without split testing, that extra $8,891 a week would have never materialized.

Now my client is on track to add $462,363 a year EXTRA from the same ad spend. That's called a windfall.

Takeaway: If you're not continually split testing your marketing -- headlines, email subject lines, scripts on the phone, offers, etc. -- you are throwing money away.

Just like a surgeon who can fix a broken hip with one well-placed screw, you can unlock big profits with the right tweaks to almost any website (along with the upsells, re-marketing, follow-up, etc.).

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Kevin Donlin

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