Your Business, Made Remarkable And More Profitable

Ever taken a taxi car to the airport?

If so, did they mail you a handwritten thank-you note?

I got one from All-Star Transportation, in Troy, Michigan. Check it out ...

Remarkable Service thank you note Marketing Multipliers com

These guys are GOOD. And SMART.

First, the GOOD part.

The town car was waiting in our driveway at 4:45 AM for my 5:00 departure to Detroit Metro Airport. That, by itself, was huge. Because nobody wants to worry if their ride will show up in time for an early flight.

My driver, Stim, was quiet and professional. That was good, too. Because I didn't want conversation. I wanted to sleep during the 45-minute drive before diving into a big writing project on the plane. Mission accomplished.

So, All-Star Transportation won my future business by delivering GOOD service during the job.

Now, the SMART part.

They won my eager referrals by delivering remarkable service after the job, by mailing me a thank-you note. In 31 years of using taxis and town cars, it's the first such note I ever got. So I'm telling other people. Like you.

You can't buy word-of-mouth advertising like this. It is literally priceless. And it's a building block to success for any great business, from Amazon to Zappos.

Your Takeaway: The more remarkable your service, the more profitable your business.

And you can engineer it in 2 easy steps:

1) Deliver GOOD service, and

2) Be SMART by mailing clients a thank-you note.

Making your service remarkable is the perfect Marketing Multiplier: a small change that leads to BIG profits.

And one more thing ...

... if you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you the easy instructions and a template for "The $10,800 Thank-You Note."

You'll start building your business, as easily as licking one stamp a day. And you'll NEVER look at thank-you notes the same way again.

What are you waiting for?

It's easy to get your "$10,800 Thank-You Note" -- stamped and ready to use -- plus 10 other business-building tools:

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2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days.

Kevin Donlin

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