To Earn More You Must Learn More

Were you insulted by yesterday's post about how to manage your time?

Here's what I wrote: If you can't manage your time, you can't manage a business.  And if that's the case, you should stop playing entrepreneur and get a real job.

Sorry if that hurt your feelings ...

But I'd rather hurt you a LITTLE now and light a fire under your butt, than let you hurt yourself a LOT later when your business fails.


This whole thing started when I got an email from a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

He wrote: "Please cancel my membership. I realize I need more DOING and less LEARNING. Quite frankly, my decision to withdraw has nothing to do with your program and everything to do with my ability to manage my time."

What set off alarm bells for me was his idea that less learning can ever be a good thing.

No. Never.

Not even close.

As one of my mentors, Brian Tracy said, "To earn more, you must learn more."

I used to get personal coaching from Brian. Every 3 months, a small group of us would fly to San Diego and spend a day with Brian. My income QUADRUPLED thanks to him.

And one thing I never forgot is that, during segments of the coaching session that were taught by someone else, Brian would sit at the back of the room and burn through an entire issue of The Wall Street Journal or some other magazine in 30 minutes or less. He, the consummate success expert, was still learning.

You see this kind of behavior all the time, if you're looking for it.

Ben Feldman, perhaps the greatest salesman who ever lived, studied for 2 hours every night -- after putting in a 12-hour day. He never stopped learning. As a result, he sold more than $1 billion during his career at New York Life. Without a high school degree.

Clay Collins, CEO of here in Minneapolis, wanted to master webinars. So he drove around in his car listening to recordings of outstanding webinars, over and over, for hours on end. Until he mastered webinars. All while managing a startup in hyper-growth mode. Now LeadPages is so cash-flow rich they've barely touched the $38 million in VC funding they raised last year.

I could go on.

But you see my point.

Never stop learning. No excuses. No matter what.

One last thing ...

There's a time-expanding tool in my Marketing Multipliers program that can change your business life.

Because, if you're smart, motivated, and can follow directions, you can reclaim at least two productive hours each day -- 40 hours a month. To learn more, earn more -- or both.

It's called "The Extra Paycheck."

It's one of 11 tools you get in your first box of Marketing Multipliers.

And you can try them for a buck.

One hundred pennies.

Can you afford that?

If so, do this:

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Kevin Donlin

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