Can’t Manage Your Time? Stop Playing Entrepreneur and Get a Job

Are you a sad monkey who can't manage your time, doomed to failure?

You might be, if you think like one of my readers.

Let me explain ...

Last Tuesday, I got this email from a member of my Marketing Multipliers Club: "Please cancel my membership. I realize I need more DOING and less LEARNING. Quite frankly, my decision to withdraw has nothing to do with your program and everything to do with my ability to manage my time."

Quite frankly, I would have been happier had he told me the Club sucked. Instead, he said, in effect, he found it useful but that his days are too out of control for him to take advantage.

How sad for him, on two levels.

First, if you can't manage your time, how can you manage a business? You can't. So you should stop pretending to be an entrepreneur and go find a real job.

Sorry, but I have zero respect for time-management victims. There are way too many tools and systems available to practically manage your day for you. If you can't manage your time, that's a failure of will. And it's a reliable indicator of failure in business.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you the second reason why any business owner who wants more doing and less learning ...

... is like the crack addict who wants more sanity and less sobriety.

Meanwhile, my Marketing Multipliers Club can recapture at least 40 hours of productive time a month for you, but only if you use it.

If you can't or won't follow simple instructions (like the guy who canceled his membership last week) stop reading now.

But if you're smart, motivated, and you want to manage your time so much better that you reclaim at least 2 extra hours each workday ...

... I'll show you how to give yourself a big fat raise in December. Just in time to pay those holiday bills.

It's all revealed in Marketing Multiplier #1, which I call The Extra Paycheck. It's just one of 11 tools you get with your first box of Marketing Multipliers.

What are you waiting for?

It's easy to get your "Extra Paycheck" delivered to your door:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for a buck here

Marketing Multipliers Video capture
2) Look for it in your mailbox in about 5 days.

Kevin Donlin

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