Election Day Colonoscopy Marketing Trick

This Election Day, our choices are Trump and Clinton ...

... so I want to talk about getting a colonoscopy.

Here's the story: At a marketing seminar I attended in 2010, Seth Godin said something profound, which I wrote down: “People judge their entire colonoscopy experience based on what they remember from the last 30 seconds.”

A colonoscopy, so I'm told, feels as bad as it looks. Yet, according to Godin, research shows it's the last 30 seconds that determine how people remember the whole thing.

In other words, last impressions make lasting impressions.

Example: You may offer the best tuneup at the best price in town, but if your mechanic leaves greasy hand prints on my Corinthian leather seats, I won't remember you fondly. And the only word-of-mouth I spread about your business will be negative.

Action Step: Take a hard look at the last "30 seconds" of whatever you do for your clients.

Is it the hand-off of a strategic plan after 4 weeks of consulting? A software installation after 90 minutes in their office? Submitting tax documents for them to the IRS?

Whatever it is, are you leaving the best last impression? Are clients SMILING as you finish the job?

If not, change those last 30 seconds. Fast.

Now, do you need ideas for how to do this?

Well, I've got ideas for you.

And here's how to get them ...

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Kevin Donlin

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