Jim Rohn and The Ordinary Path to Extraordinary Success

Do you know Jim Rohn?

You should.

He's an Ur-Guru among modern success gurus.

People like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Darren Hardy all trace a large part of their success back to him.

Jim Rohn said a lot of smart things. Here's one of them: "Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

Note well what he didn't say.

Success is NOT getting funding for your start-up ... getting 100,000 Facebook "friends" ... or inventing a new technology that changes the world.

Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

That means you need only be:

1) doing (not planning, hoping, or "friending" -- but writing, creating, shipping, or problem solving)

2) ordinary things (you can go broke trying to create demand for new things; far better to channel demand for stuff that people are already buying)

3) extraordinarily well (faster, cheaper, better, or all of the above -- so your clients buy again and tell their friends)

Best part: Opportunity is EVERYWHERE. It's ordinary things, waiting to be done extraordinarily well.

Examples include:

* Disney World (an amusement park that's extraordinarily fun and clean)

* FedEx (shipping that's extraordinarily fast and reliable)

* Zappos (shoes delivered with extraordinary speed and service)

* and YOU, when you do an ordinary thing extraordinarily well

Oh, wait.

I can hear you saying something under your breath ...

... you're saying, "My business is different. I can't do anything extraordinary without spending a fortune on a new web site, Facebook ads, belly dancers, etc."

To which I politely reply: "Bullshit."

Any business, in any country, in any economy can find a path to success by doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

And I'll get on the phone and prove it to you.

Here's how ...

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Here's what he said:

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Conservatively, your Skull Session with me is a $295 value. That's what I charge for 20 minutes on the phone.

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But only if you respond today, okay?

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Kevin Donlin

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