The Marc Maron Equation: Honesty + Stories = Compelling Content

Marc Maron, comedian, actor, and podcasting superstar, was here in Minneapolis yesterday.


That's him, with hair.

He gave a fantastic keynote at the Converted marketing conference I'm attending. Title: "How I Turned Raw Honesty and Real-Life Stories into a Worldwide Podcasting Phenomenon."

Best part: He not only explained how he created a marketing phenomenon, he lived it.

He did so by revealing one raw, honest story after another, recounting his "accidental" success as a podcaster. There was no master plan and he's no business genius, according to him.

Starting in his garage following an ugly divorce and the loss of his job, with an audience of zero in 2009 ...

... his WTF podcast now gets up to 6 million downloads per episode. One ad spot in his show will set you back $10,000.

The stories, of course, are what I remember most.

Like his impromptu endorsement of ("Pow! I just shit my pants!") that the advertiser HATED ... until their website traffic quadrupled.

Or the interview with Gallagher that ended abruptly when Gallagher walked out. Maron's reaction ("Aww, come on Gallagher?!") became a catchphrase printed on T-shirts ... and the episode went viral.

Raw honesty. Real stories. They sell.

They sold me on Maron. And sold 6 million other people, too.

Something to think about.

Kevin Donlin

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