Testimonials in Marketing: Want Some?

Testimonials in marketing are like Krugerrands. You can never have too many.

That's why it bugged me when one of my readers complained last week.

He thought a tip I gave him about how to get testimonials from clients was "inadequate."

He said he knew how to get testimonials, but "the biggest issue is not acting on the information."

And, sure enough ... the guy needs more testimonials.

Right now, there are only 2 comments from happy clients on his website. And they're both hard to read.

Which adds up to ... ZERO credibility for his business. His sales are probably suffering. No wonder he's crabby.

Which ... is sad.

Because it's so freaking easy to get testimonials. I get them on demand. Because I know how to ask.

Hint: Anytime anyone says something even remotely positive about your business, just ask them to jot down their comments so you can share with others.

That's what I did with Daniel, here:

Marketing Multipliers succes story on Linkedin

And Ray, here:
The Paper Email from MarketingMultipliers.com
And Tom, here:Marketing Multipliers example - the news letter

Putting testimonials in your marketing is really, really easy.

I do it using The Testimonial Extractor, a tool I invented for my own use.

It turns ordinary comments from happy clients into powerful testimonials that practically do the selling for you.

Bad news: The Testimonial Extractor went out in the January box of tools sent to members of my Marketing Multipliers Club.

Unless you're a member now, you didn't get it. And it's not for sale. Sorry.

Good news: If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll send you The Testimonial Extractor by email. You'll love it.

Plus, you get another Welcome Box with 11 other business-building tools by mail a few days later.

That means you get a total of 12 Marketing Multipliers. For free. After 30 days it's only $29.95 a month. Cancel anytime.

But only if you do it today, okay?

It's easy:

1) Try Marketing Multipliers for free. Click the link here - http://www.marketingmultipliers.com

2) Reply to your email receipt and ask for The Testimonial Extractor

Kevin Donlin

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