Visual USP: The Strange Secret of M&Ms

What's a Visual USP?

A big deal for you, potentially, if you own a business ...

... because you KNOW you have to work hard to stand out from your competitors.

One solution?

A unique selling proposition (USP).

First popularized in 1961 by Rosser Reeves in his book, "Reality In Advertising" (long out of print, but I read it at the Minneapolis Library years ago), a USP is your answer to this question: “Why should I buy only from you, at the price you’re asking, now?”

You probably knew that, too.

But I'll bet you didn't know this: Early USPs were doubly powerful, because they were visual as well as written.


So people wouldn’t forget the product between the time they saw it on TV at night and went shopping the next day.

Reeves understood that we remember far more of what we see than what we read.

Below is a TV screen cap of one of his visual USP that combines pictures and words:

visual USP
That visual USP shows you, at a glance, why M&Ms are different and better than ordinary chocolate.

In 1950, Reeves came up with slogan, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands,” and started running TV ads like the one above. By 1954, M&Ms was the #1 candy in America.

One takeaway for you is this: If pictures outsell words, use more pictures to sell more stuff.

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