The Visual USP: Game Changer for your Business?

What's a Visual USP?

And how can it build your business?

First, meet Jeremy Jones.

He runs Jones Media Publishing and helps book authors expand their business. And Jeremy is smart. Because he uses the time that others waste.

Case in point: He created a valuable marketing tool while sitting in a waiting room.

Take a look ...

Visual USPWhat is that odd graphic?

It's a Visual USP.

While any business can claim to be different, Jeremy shows that his is different. That 5-part arrow is Jeremy's unique process for helping his clients get results.

That's why I call it a Visual Unique Selling Proposition (USP). There's nothing like his anywhere else.

He writes:  "I am sitting here at the dealership getting maintenance on my car and reading your newsletter while doing some goal planning for 2107.

"Here is my visual USP: The NCPRO Formula to get BOOKED with new clients. This is the first time I have put it in a visual way like this. And it could potentially add an additional $100k + per year in revenue."

An extra $100,000? Not bad for a few minutes work.

That's the power of a Visual USP.

It delivers clear proof, at a glance, that your service or product is NOT a commodity. Prospects see you as different. And superior.

Now, here's the good part ...

Jeremy and other members of my Marketing Multipliers Club got access to my Visual USP Maker last week. They're already creating Visual USPs to bring in more new clients, with no extra effort or advertising.

Because a Visual USP is like sunshine -- it makes everything better.

And if you try Marketing Multipliers this week, I'll send you my Special Report, "The Visual USP Maker."

If you face low-priced competitors or you're struggling to stand out in a crowded market, your new Visual USP will fix that for you.

And you get it at no charge, as part of your Marketing Multipliers membership.

Zero. Zip. El Freebo.

All you have to do is try Marketing Multipliers this week.

It's easy:

1) Click below to try Marketing Multipliers for free:

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2) Reply to your email receipt and ask for "The Visual USP Maker."

Kevin Donlin

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