Advertising is the Tax You Pay Because Your Business Sucks

Actually, that's not the actual quote...

... but that's the gist of it.

The real quote is this: "Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable."

That's a smart idea from a smart guy, Robert Stephens.

If you don't know Robert, he created the Geek Squad ... and later sold it for a pile to Best Buy. (Fun fact: He and I were featured in the same book, along with Kate Spade -- "Upstart Startups" -- back in 1998.)

Anyway, Robert didn't spend a lot of money on advertising the Geek Squad.

Because his business was so remarkable -- employees with names like Agent 89 ... decked out in black ties with pocket protectors ... uber-cool company cars with their logo plastered on the sides -- his customers did the advertising for him.

That's a nice place for your business to be, no?

And that's what's happening to Marketing Multipliers.

It's rapidly becoming THE place for smart entrepreneurs who want to grow. I know this because the members are doing my advertising for me.

Like Daniel Barrera. He's a marketing consultant from Florida. Here's the picture he posted on LinkedIn ...

Marketing Multipliers succes story on Linkedin - Daniel B
... along with this glowing success story:

"Kevin Donlin, your Marketing Multipliers toolkit is off the chain! I put up a winning Adwords landing page with your "hot button detector" strategy... So far it's outperforming my best converting control by 13%!!! Thanks a milli!"

You can try Marketing Multipliers for a buck. What are you waiting for?

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