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Studio Ghibli Museum ticket - word of mouth Marketing Multipliers com
It's an ordinary museum ticket, transformed into extraordinary word-of-mouth advertising.

Here's what this is about: A few months ago, I visited Japan with my daughter.

We went to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. (Studio Ghibli is an animation film maker, led by Hayao Miyazaki, who's been called Japan's Walt Disney. His movies are INCREDIBLE.)

As you can see, the admission ticket includes a piece of film from a Studio Ghibli movie.

And I haven't stopped showing it to people since returning from Japan. It's an extraordinary souvenir that's produced a whole bunch of free advertising for Studio Ghibli.

By combining two ordinary items -- a ticket and a piece of film -- Studio Ghibli created an extraordinary keepsake for me, and word-of-mouth for them.

Now, think: How can you turn "ordinary" into "extraordinary" to market your business?


  • a financial adviser can print retirement investment calculations on a $1 million bill (I know, they don't exist -- get some printed)
  • a consultant can print their BEST 5 ideas on a drink coaster
  • a website builder can print SEO tips on a business card

The formula for "Word of Mouth" Made Simple is this: Find something ordinary (like a drink coaster) and make it extraordinary (by adding cool tips your clients can use).

You'll know you've succeeded when your clients start telling others.

Best part: Extraordinary word-of-mouth that costs almost nothing to deliver is a Marketing Multiplier. A small action that delivers big profits.

And one more thing ...

If you give Marketing Multipliers a try today, I'll give you a 30-minute Marketing Multipliers Skull Session by phone. You could be just 30 minutes away from your own extraordinary Word-of-Mouth. And I'll help you find it when we talk.

Conservatively, this is a $295 value. That's what I charge for 30 minutes on the phone. But it's yours at no cost. Gratis. Free. No cost. El freebo.

But only if you do it today, okay?

It's easy:

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Kevin Donlin

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